Hard Days for You ?? No Need if you can Make a Strong Decision !!

Pretty much two months  from the last blog post. Hmm !. Mainly   its because of some hard days that I went through in past two months. So much emotions and lot of things things going through my heads, and Yea Now I can say that I am strongly recovering from it. Hard things means   maybe a hit back in career for some  guys ,  and for some failing in the exams and for some it will be not  getting  things right  like job , health wise , family wise and all etc… But For me its definitely regarding my job and its due to  the departures of two of the most  guys who inspired  my life from our team Mytsys . Yea , My Team partners Amish as well as Akhilesh.  One who went to pursue his MBA  to Ernakulam and other who is going to Dubai .  Yea Every person has different goals and ambitions to career  so I am wishing them very best for the future. Hope we can meet again as a team  in future .

So Whats tough in it right ?? Most importantly  Its the fear and tension by which this scenario can effect in my career  also, especially when I tell this thing to parents or any others. Because that will have a negative impact to this firm (especially some comments as always you can think of ) as they can force me to  go away from the Company.  Yes Even I thought of Going  away. But Then I thought  If I am getting satisfaction doing this job also pretty much descent salary  and  a way to  live and  serve this society by turning a jobless to salaried person. So why I have to go away ?? .    Why I am ruining my career by making myself   a non employed person or Why I am ruining a job opportunity of a guy   who may  get  into my vacancy  in another firm or  Why  I am  ruing an opportunity to  study new things  ?. Definitely not needed. Yea  These all this went through my heads for the past one month and  It was like  a  volcano which is going to erupt !  Really tough days if you are an entrepreneur,..

This is what you can call as toughest decision making situation in  your life. A challenge to make your decision. Yes it may fail or it may win But What matters most is that  You have to take a strong and firm decision. And Yea now I made a decision that I will serve my company   as long as I can and  I will look after it like my parents looked after me and will never abandon it and go away. because if you have passion and  ready to take challenge You have to find new ways to  prove others in your life.

And finally  Who inspired me to take this decision ?  Yes definitely one of my team partner Deepu .  Yea He told me most of encouraging words when I mentioned it to him.  He said  to me fight  for it ! Yea definitely  I  took his words and  I thought about other Kishor and Arun (Joined  two months ago)   which made me think that I needed to here in this firm so that We can again move as  team no matter what happens.   We can form another good team by which the  Firm will move long way  further rather that disintegrating it.