One of the Biggest & Unexpected Loss in My Life

Some people will come into our life as a special one. We  might not see him regularly, may be abroad or a business person or even he will be working at some other place, But some specialities make him a unique character for us when  he is near you or when u see him. We can’t able to express it in words. It’s a special feel you get when you see him, Maybe You will consider him as a most valuable person you love to have on all your important occasions in your life.

The person I am talking about here is my uncle Viswanathan (My Valiyachan). Mainly my father’s family consists of 6 members which first three are females and final three are males… 6th one is my father and 5th one is my Valiyachan. He has two sons One is Vimal and another one is Vineeth (Two of the most ever loved and caring cousins you will get, I thank him for giving them because they are just awesome. )Unfortunately, he is no more in this world. He died at Kuwait around a month ago due to lung cancer.  It was the second major blow in my life. First one was my grandma who died a year ago and It was coming back normal Then suddenly this happened. Actually, I was unable to bear the sadness when I heard first that he is suffering from a stage 4 cancer. It was shocking. I don’t know why GOD is creating and taking away a person like that this early from this world. He was just funny charming, active in every occasion and was a huge symbol for respect and was very helping for others. Its just like our best friend. He was everything I can definitely say that. Such a person deserves respect from even God. Maybe he wrote another piece of script for him in his kingdom.

I was more attached to Valiyachan mainly because he resemble more like my father in every way.  In the way, they talk or in the way they express something or creating thallu songs (Instant song creation) or in eating and in many ways.  He cooks very well so every time he comes here we will definitely go there eat food. Sometimes dinner or sometimes lunch which he cooks recipes. He cooks just lovely and delicious food.

I wrote this mainly because After his death I haven’t had a day which I didn’t think of him. Just can’t forget him. Because he is a  Big Miss. Maybe he was a person I expected who can be  big influence or inspiration to my life or I am more attached.