One of the Biggest & Unexpected Loss in My Life

Some people will come into our life as a special one. We  might not see him regularly, may be abroad or a business person or even he will be working at some other place, But some specialities make him a unique character for us when  he is near you or when u see him. We can’t able to express it in words. It’s a special feel you get when you see him, Maybe You will consider him as a most valuable person you love to have on all your important occasions in your life.

The person I am talking about here is my uncle Viswanathan (My Valiyachan). Mainly my father’s family consists of 6 members which first three are females and final three are males… 6th one is my father and 5th one is my Valiyachan. He has two sons One is Vimal and another one is Vineeth (Two of the most ever loved and caring cousins you will get, I thank him for giving them because they are just awesome. )Unfortunately, he is no more in this world. He died at Kuwait around a month ago due to lung cancer.  It was the second major blow in my life. First one was my grandma who died a year ago and It was coming back normal Then suddenly this happened. Actually, I was unable to bear the sadness when I heard first that he is suffering from a stage 4 cancer. It was shocking. I don’t know why GOD is creating and taking away a person like that this early from this world. He was just funny charming, active in every occasion and was a huge symbol for respect and was very helping for others. Its just like our best friend. He was everything I can definitely say that. Such a person deserves respect from even God. Maybe he wrote another piece of script for him in his kingdom.

I was more attached to Valiyachan mainly because he resemble more like my father in every way.  In the way, they talk or in the way they express something or creating thallu songs (Instant song creation) or in eating and in many ways.  He cooks very well so every time he comes here we will definitely go there eat food. Sometimes dinner or sometimes lunch which he cooks recipes. He cooks just lovely and delicious food.

I wrote this mainly because After his death I haven’t had a day which I didn’t think of him. Just can’t forget him. Because he is a  Big Miss. Maybe he was a person I expected who can be  big influence or inspiration to my life or I am more attached.

Hard Days for You ?? No Need if you can Make a Strong Decision !!

Pretty much two months  from the last blog post. Hmm !. Mainly   its because of some hard days that I went through in past two months. So much emotions and lot of things things going through my heads, and Yea Now I can say that I am strongly recovering from it. Hard things means   maybe a hit back in career for some  guys ,  and for some failing in the exams and for some it will be not  getting  things right  like job , health wise , family wise and all etc… But For me its definitely regarding my job and its due to  the departures of two of the most  guys who inspired  my life from our team Mytsys . Yea , My Team partners Amish as well as Akhilesh.  One who went to pursue his MBA  to Ernakulam and other who is going to Dubai .  Yea Every person has different goals and ambitions to career  so I am wishing them very best for the future. Hope we can meet again as a team  in future .

So Whats tough in it right ?? Most importantly  Its the fear and tension by which this scenario can effect in my career  also, especially when I tell this thing to parents or any others. Because that will have a negative impact to this firm (especially some comments as always you can think of ) as they can force me to  go away from the Company.  Yes Even I thought of Going  away. But Then I thought  If I am getting satisfaction doing this job also pretty much descent salary  and  a way to  live and  serve this society by turning a jobless to salaried person. So why I have to go away ?? .    Why I am ruining my career by making myself   a non employed person or Why I am ruining a job opportunity of a guy   who may  get  into my vacancy  in another firm or  Why  I am  ruing an opportunity to  study new things  ?. Definitely not needed. Yea  These all this went through my heads for the past one month and  It was like  a  volcano which is going to erupt !  Really tough days if you are an entrepreneur,..

This is what you can call as toughest decision making situation in  your life. A challenge to make your decision. Yes it may fail or it may win But What matters most is that  You have to take a strong and firm decision. And Yea now I made a decision that I will serve my company   as long as I can and  I will look after it like my parents looked after me and will never abandon it and go away. because if you have passion and  ready to take challenge You have to find new ways to  prove others in your life.

And finally  Who inspired me to take this decision ?  Yes definitely one of my team partner Deepu .  Yea He told me most of encouraging words when I mentioned it to him.  He said  to me fight  for it ! Yea definitely  I  took his words and  I thought about other Kishor and Arun (Joined  two months ago)   which made me think that I needed to here in this firm so that We can again move as  team no matter what happens.   We can form another good team by which the  Firm will move long way  further rather that disintegrating it.

My First Job

Getting a  job is most important priority  in our life.  Getting a good job is  a dream come true for indivdual. But Unfortunately In my life Its still  a dream to be fullfilled and Its  far from accomplishing.

After the graduation in Engineering I was not at all serious in getting a job. I had a mentality that “Its my unluck that I didnt crack this interview, that interview “,  “Oh Lots of applicants How can I get this Job No way ” ,  “Yes i will try along with my colleagues to get it”  These thing cooked up in my mind whenever I went for an interview or test  and was comfortable with it.  Never tried to study  for interviews and test  and was having  in my mind that “Yes  got everything i want Simply write the exam thats all”  (And still these are not fully gone which especially when i go for bank exam and all).  Another Main problem is that I  got very tensed in tests and all thinking of next step rather that taking one step at time which is a major failure.  Also I was not technically brilliant in Programming , But had a good idea what all i have to do  in it. (And its because of good methods of study I opted for it , especially in semester four OOT progamming)

One Month after graduation I started looking for a job   especially in technopark  as I blew up  my chances to get a good job through the campus  Interviews and all. .


Dreamland is all about wonders, fantasy excitement  for you life. Being in dreamland will be given you best moments in your life. I have been also in the dreamland  and luckily not for a single year , for around 12 years.  Yes Its about my childhood. I think My mom still and always remember the date where she got appointment order as High School Teacher. Yes it was the same day when I was born . “Yea I am your lucky charm Mom” ha ha.

My childhood life started from that day, but unfortunately  the  place of appointment was at Kasaragod (Infact My Dream land). So  Mom and Me have to shift to new place  which I spend  major days in my childhood. I think  When I was 6 months old we shifted to Kasaragod   from Trivandrum.  And  Its been very difficult  New Place, New faces, New challenges with a 6 month old baby. I think she still remember recurring body problems for me  for around 3 yrs, but she dealt with it very nice even if she is alone at that time. Yes My dad came there  and spend over six months. As  he worked in  a bank he didn’t got so much  off days as it will  affect the operations of it.
So For three years   It was hard with all your health problems, climates changes and all.
Then  When I was around 3.5 yrs , I had a chance to taste  the start of my educational career.  Yes It was pretty hard for me to go  there as every child . It was  in Ambika English Medium School Palakkunnu where I started my primary education (LKG & UKG). It was a  CBSE School. One of the best schools available there and I was really proud even if i was really sad to go there after all that home staying and playing. I think I met my first teacher who named as Prasanna Kumari tr. Since My mom was also a teacher They give me special consideration and was strict about my studies.
I met my first Girl friend I think Its Manisha Chacko (Only remember her name he he) which  is also  the daughter of a teacher who works along with  my mother.  I completed  my Primary class  with First Rank in  class (Yo Man)  And Moved on to  Upper Primary classes. By that Time we changed our Housing to another place which we can get access to telephone so that I can call my father,  and also because of limited telephone access ,  Me and  Mom will come to Trivandrum  every two weeks in unreserved  quota as tickets cant be booked because we don’t know when we will get time to  go.
By that Time I had built a friends circle around my house and it was really bad to leave them all and shift to a new house in another place which is around 2 kms from the current.  Shifting was inevitable mainly because transportation was really good in new place and My school van was starting from that Place. Yes I liked the new Place as there  was a family involving  a brother and sister so that I can play with them if i get a spare time. Years past and I think after a year we got a space in the Quarters infront that house and there I think around 10 families were living and also their kids  having same age as me.  I was really please  with that shift as I got number of new friends who named Naseef , Narjish sis , Naseef bro , Appu, Ani, Sathy bro, Santhosh bro and more.  By that time I was in 2nd Grade in school and lived there until  4th grade and were shifted to my Home Town Trivandrum leaving my mom alone there because of the multi language culture in there. Yes It means that the language was a mixture of Malayalam and Kannada, so that when i reached in Trivandrum and statrted talking  that language which leaves the other person stunned  to hear it.  I think I still remember some of my friends there namesd Vipul , Murali , Pawan , Neelima and all which i share my unreal jokes with them and even inviting them to space  with my own built Rocket.  It was absoultely pleasure to get those guys as my colleagues in my school life . They helped me in every aspect of my studies as well as  my worries.

So Thats It By that shift to my hometown to Trivandrum I ended my 12 year life in a  dreamland which I never forget in my life .  I love to rewind that  life again if I get a chance to rewind my life.

“You must learn some of my philosophy. Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure.”

My Life My World My Journey Through IT

Truly  I think whoever who knows me,my  friends or my  relatives. My life is an Open book so that they know every chapter in it.  24 CHAPTERS completed and don’t know how much  remaining. Yes it unpredictable  for all the people. But for a  person who are going through this  for the first time or want s to know me , I am Vishnu  from Kerala, India .Working as a software professional in my own firm Mytsys ( along with four of my partners .  Born in  Trivandrum ,  on 1991 I went to Kasaragod when I was 6 months after my birth.  I think still remember some of my moments inside the journey, May be it will be a imaginary one.

It was me and my mom lived in there for around 12 years. I  done my schooling at Ambika English Medium school Palakkunnu Kasaragod. I still remember some of my friends who really hepled me there named Pavan , Murali , Aswathy , Kiran , Vipul, Neelima , Nilesh etc.Hope At some point in my life path we will meet together and will go for a party. I studied there till i was 4th Grade and  because of some issues with language in that region as well as continous illness ,   My mom decided to pursue my career  in my Home town Trivandrum. Yes  I got admission in ST Josephs HSS Trivandrum  and studied there till 10th Grade and Passed with Good marks (Its 83.2%) I really missed lots of friends especially Jithin Lal, Unniraj, Nikhil Sebastian, Saroop, Jyothish, Jijo and also Akhil S Nair along with a bunch of friends when I left there  .  Again I pursued  my  11th and 12th grade  schooling at  SMV Govt HSS Trivandrum passed with good marks (Oh yes Its 83.7%) and got admission for studying a B-tech Degree in Mohandas College of Engg & Technology.  Yes Really miss some  of my   friends Vishnu Dileep , Rameez (Studied together from the 5th grade in same Class ),  Sahil , Vishnu B who were my bench mates  also. On Joining Degree, The real Game Started I was an average student there and got  a GPA around 70%(6.9 in GPA).  Real gift was I got Most important friends Amish , Anandhu , Aravind  , Arjun, Arun, Eddy , Richie , Rameez, Shyam, Kishor, Rajesh, Deepu, Akhilesh, Rajath, Rajesh, Jaisooraj, Jaivin and Jithin (Back Benchers club). After completing degree I  discontinued my studies.  (With a view that I can pursue my career  in PG  somewhere ).  My only aim was getting into some job  and make some money. Yes  as everyone dreams  I got my first job  as a Junior Software developer in  a small Company called “Righters” two months after i got passed the degree.  My salary was around Rs 2500 at first, I got a good  Trainer Mr Thomas Mathew ., and had my first corporate friend Kiran B Mohan from Lourdes Matha college.  Yes I worked there for around 5-6 months (3 months  as a single individual got some experience how a software company projects will be).  My salary was hiked to around Rs 4000 by that Time and  I got a job which is even  better than it. I thought “Yes Its the right time to  leave here and Trainer also supported me”. Got a Job in Tsunami software solutions through a Job Fair,  Which I  offered a salary package of Rs 8000 + incentives. But Unfortunately I turned down the job at the first day,after sending a resignation mail to the CEO itself,  which at first I felt was a mistake,But then I realized the fact i will get a good job in another company . In fact main reason is that I was appointed as project consultant of their ERP. Before deciding I had a thorough consultation with my friend Richie Jose at the first day of the work itself. Then  found a job in a DATA Entry Institution. It was Mr Rahul who came along with me.  I worked there as a part time data entry operator and continued my pursuit for   a job and Then Came Bizzone Info Solutions  recruitment  which they invited after seeing my resume. I think it was around 8 rounds of Interviews Included with a Telephonic Interview, Technical test , two HR’s , two technical interview and was all clear and came a day to submit the Certificates. But at the end of the day I realized that   all the efforts gone into vain as they didn’t  took me  because of the Quitting  from Tsunami Software solutions. and also because of working in data entry project.  I took sometime to recover from it.

But Then comes an idea with a question mark from Mr Amish Ray  “Shall we start an enterprenuership ?”  I said  “Yes Its a good thing, but who all will be there?”.  Was really excited  with that idea it was badly needed to recover from that Bizzon incident. He said we got Deepu Bhagyanath ,  Kishor Kumar G ,  Akhilesh VK  and Rajesh Kumar  for  it.  We meeted  for around 5,6 times and planned a business idea how it will be and what we can done for raising it.  Yes Infact we had zero investment for it which was well aware.
But with all the risks we started Mytsys Software solutions and i became Chief administrative officer and  It been now 2 years  that company i s running successfully with around 1000’s of clients around the world(I swear to god this is the fact)

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”